Crafting For A Cure Co

As I headed home from my GJ feeding tube placement surgery this past November, I remember thinking, “wow, you’d think since I had a feeding tube a few years ago I wouldn’t feel so lost!”. But becoming a tubie is so much more than learning to adjust to the tube protruding from your abdomen. It’s figuring out how to set up feeds, learning how to clean and care for your stoma, and compiling tips and tricks from veteran tubies.

One thing I did remember was feeling better about being tube fed when I was able to make it less medical and more a part of me. My first go as a tubie was in 2014 and there wasn’t much available at the time besides tubie pads. I had a ton…one in every color and pattern. So before I even got my second surgery in 2017 to place a new stoma and tube, I ordered a set of tubie pads from an Etsy shop.

While browsing Etsy, I came across new inventions that looked super promising in helping make tubie life a lot easier. The two products that stuck out the most were port connection covers (to help prevent the tube and feed line from detaching in the middle of a feed) and tubie clips (to help prevent the feed line from getting caught and snagged, painfully pulling on the feeding tube).

I was looking for a new hobby since I’m mostly housebound and sewing always intrigued me. I figured tubie clips would be the perfect place to start! I bought myself a machine and taught myself how to sew. I initially intended on only making a few clips and port connection covers for myself, but I wanted to keep making more. I decided a perfect way for me to enjoy both my hobby and work again would be to open up a new Etsy store.

I decided to create Crafting For A Cure Co. so I could share my creations with others while also giving back. For every accessory that is a sold, a portion of the sale goes directly to the Newbie Tubies project which sends care packages to children and adults alike who are getting feeding tubes for the first time.

Right now, I currently only have tubie clips listed for sale but I can’t wait to add more including: port connection covers, tubie pads, chapstick holders, and other fun accessories designed with chronically ill warriors in mind!

Visit my store here.